About the book

ALLAMANO BOOKIn the last 30 years literature about Blessed Joseph Allamano has greatly thrived: a monumental biography, short biographies, the publication of all the letters he wrote, small books, theses, reflections, articles. They have enriched our knowledge of his personality and activity in various sectors of apostolate.

The present book, written by Fr. Jonah Makau, leans heavily on the available material and draws from it, manifesting familiarity with many sources. But its par­ticular perspective adds much to the wealth of the exist­ing writings. The author has in mind formation, seminary educators, and the students in formation. The book com­bines biographical data with today’s challenging times. It endeavors to re-read the teaching of the Blessed Founder in the context of globalization and interculturality, the new face of the Institute, both in its members composi­tion and inner life, and its outgoing Mission. Many are the new interesting insights, expressed with live images, intelligent considerations and philosophical support.

The Blessed Founder clearly stands out as Father and Teacher. Father by the spirit and spirituality infused in his family of all times. That ‘spirit’ which he frequent­ly spoke about, and of which he jealously considered himself the only proprietor and dispenser. Teacher, most­ly through his life, and not just by imparting lessons and indicating ways and methods. Hence the ‘silent man’, indeed, speaks loudly. He speaks with his life. He is con­stantly present to our eyes and heart as a credible witness and a model to imitate. He was and lived what he taught, drawing from his personal experience. And greatly expe­rienced he was!

The self-references are not self-gratifications but instructive indications for life and Mission. Blessed Jo­seph Allamano, as Father and Teacher, in all humility could rightly say like St. Paul: imitate me. Just as Jesus invited his followers to learn from him gentleness and hu­mility of heart (Mt. 11:29). These, according to all the witnesses who knew the Blessed Founder, were his two typical traits. Typical traits…that he wanted engraved in the hearts and evangelization of his missionary sons and daughters.